Action Plan for 2018

Delivering on our Mission & Vision, we will -

  • Celebrate the strength of both the shared and diverse aspects of our culture, heritage, and communities while continuing to work towards a robust and inclusive Caribbean community.
  • Understand the needs and interest of expatriate Caribbean nationals and endeavouring to meet them through a variety of activities and services.
  • Commit to winning hearts and minds through a regular series of cultural events that focuses on our history, food, regional culture and the shared Australian experience.
  • Participating in other cultural and community events to promote the CaribVic brand. And share Caribbean culture, understanding and good fellowship among citizens of the Caribbean and the Australian community.
  • Establish and grow a program that celebrates, focuses on and supports our youth in their ongoing education.
  • Showing leadership as a community on social issues that are particularly impacting our young people and older people.
  • Incorporating a charitable component to our activities in order to give back to the Caribbean region.


Our Strategic Objectives for 2018 are as follows -

  • Develop and establish diverse, sustainable financial growth and stability for the Association.
  • Create links and networks within the Caribbean diaspora building on the notion of one community.
  • Address the disconnect for our youth that comes with living in two or more cultures.
  • Establishment of a scholarship and mentoring program
  • Having a marquee signature cultural event that showcases our culture, achievements
  • Growing and expanding the CaribVic Steelband.